The Cinematic Weddings team has been formed in a very fortunate way, between good friends and family, for us that's the secret, the perfect combination. We are a team united by the same passion. All our ideas are heard and implemented. We work with great harmony, respect and tolerance, which has brought us until this point of success. Each of us gives their best all the time, is our constant, we don´t know other way to work.

We've been together for over 8 years and during this time we have put our hearts in our job, so Cinematic Wedding can be the best option.

Since you deserve the best, we are always looking for new ways to fulfill your expectations, new software, video techniques, music, books, movies, anything that can provide an unforgetable experience for you. We want you to remember your special wedding day as the beginning of the most beautiful love story and at the same time we want to remind you why you are with that special person.

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Agustin Lira

Agustín is our producer, he is the guide for all the Cinematic crew, he has been able to conjugate all our ideas so everytime you see one of our videos, you see a piece of the whole team. He started in video industry since highschool, with some friends doing their own productions. His passion for video brought him to this Paradise at Riviera Maya, and after 8 years, the Cinematic Wedding Project is a reality. His main goal is the complete satisfaction of all his customers.

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Autumn Diven

She is originally from Missouri and has spent the last 7 years in Florida enjoying the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, after spending a few months exploring Latin America, she fell in love with the lifestyle, the culture and the Caribbean Sea, which inspired her to settle in Playa del Carmen. As a make-up Artist with a back ground in Hospitality and Customer service, it allows her to relate to the value of details and satisfaction. Her strong drive for building meaningful relationships and love of communication is apparent in her every move. She believes the greatest balancing act is found between self and others as she finds deep fulfillment in seeking that balance through connecting and helping others achieve their goals!

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Perla Gaona

Perla received a bachelors degree in comunication. Since the beginning she has been very involved with the Cinematic Project, when it was just an idea. As you can imagine she loves to work in wedding ceremonies, because everything is surrounded with harmony, magic moments and good vibes. As a mother of two little girls, family is the most important part of her life, thank to this, she has the sensibilty to understand what a bride feels and thinks.